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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

FoTL April 2015 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting of Friends of Torquay Library

Held at Lymington Road Torquay on Wednesday 29 April 2015 at 7:30 pm


Present: Committee Members; Frank Turner, Tina Miruzzi, Jo Gale, Paula Smith, Debi Clarke, Christina Guy, Glenise Phillips, Jenny Murry and 15 members of the public.


Minutes of last AGM: approved by Jenny Murry and Alison Underlay as a true record.


Matters arising: The appointment of Frank Turner as acting Chairman for the evening was approved by Jenny Miller and Esther Mernick.


In his address, the Chairman began by remarking that this was FoTL’s 4th AGM and that members and the public had enjoyed a varied and interesting program during the past year; he thanked the secretary and committee for all their hard work and support. Outstanding events had been the film and cream tea (FoTL having paid for the Film Club’s licence fee) and the coach outing to Sidmouth Folk Festival. These two events had been scheduled again in the program for this year. He emphasised however, that the committee like the membership’s views/ideas on future events and also times of meetings. He continued, a major initiative and commitment in recent months had been a co-operative venture between FoTL and Torquay Rotarians, inspired to fill a gap left by the withdrawal of the Mobile Library Service. Members of the Friends, select books preparing them for collection and dispatch by the Rotarians on a monthly basis to those in the community who value such a service.

Grateful thanks were also expressed to former Chairman, Jack Critchlow, a founder member, who resigned three- quarters of the way through the past year due to family commitments. His influence in promoting the Library and the Friends in the wider community had assisted in supporting the interests of both.


Treasurer’s Report

The Chairman then introduced the Treasure, Glenise Phillips, who gave her report, a copy of details of accounts as of 31st March 2015, having been circulated to those present, the balance being £556.41.


Membership Report

Debbi Clark, Membership Secretary, informed everyone that membership remained consistent and confirmed this as 55 paid up members to date.


Library Manager’s Report

Jo Gale, the Library Manager, then welcomed those present and gave a brief summary of the adverse affects the recession has caused the Library Service. She thanked the Friends for their continued support, subsidizing the Library for extras that were no longer funded by the Local Authority. These included prizes for the Children’s Summer Reading Challenge, Young People’s Poetry and musical instruments and puppets for work with the under 5’s. The volunteer service was again mentioned in conjunction with Torquay Rotarians and the sale of excess stock at the Flea Market, profits to fund the resources top purchase new books. She thanked the Committee for all their hard work but stressed the need for technical assistance and more voluntary help from those present before adding that she looked forward to another year of Library events and activities sponsored By the Friends of Torquay Library.


Nomination of Officers    

There were no new nominations, the current Officers and Committee were re-nominated ‘ on-block’ by those attending the meeting.


The business of the meeting then concluded with a presentation by Edgar Lawrence, in the uniform of Master Gunner of Berry Head Fort, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and Napoleon’s arrival in Torbay on route to imprisonment on the Isle of St Helena.   


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