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Monday, 21 March 2016

Proposed Amendments to The Constitution

The Committee are have been working on several minor amendments to the Constitution. None of these amendments will alter the nature of FoTL, just make the running of the organization easier.

These changes  will be discussed in full at the AGM in April.
A hard copy of the original and a hard copy of the constitution containing the amendments will be available to view on the FoTL notice board in the Library. 




3          Membership


a)     All members shall pay an annual subscription which shall be agreed by resolution each year at the Annual General Meeting. The membership year will be from 1st April to 31st March, but those joining between 1st January and 1st March will have their membership extended to 31st March the following year.


All members shall pay an annual subscription which shall be agreed by resolution each year at the Annual General Meeting .Membership will run for 12 months from the date of joining.

b)     Membership shall cease if the annual subscription is unpaid 6 months after it is due.

Proposed - remove

c)      All new Friends will be issued with a copy of the Constitution.

Proposed – constitution will be available for inspection on the FoTL notice board.


4          Committee


a)     There will be a managing Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 4 other members. All officers and Committee members must be members of FoTL.

Proposed – the officers

b)     A representative of the Head of Torbay Libraries will be an ex officio member of the committee, and will act in an advisory capacity. The representative will normally be the

Of the Head – proposed delete

Community Librarian, Torquay.

Proposed – library manager


a)     Annual General Meetings


       i.          A printed notice of every Annual General Meeting and agenda shall be sent to each officer, Committee member and member of FoTL at least 14 days prior to the date fixed for such a meeting.

Proposed – 1.  remove   11. Agenda available on the FoTL notice board

     ii.          The Annual General Meeting shall take place during the month of April each year. The business of the Annual General Meeting is to receive a report from the Chairman, to receive annual audited accounts, to appoint auditors, to elect officers and members of the Committee, set the level of membership subscriptions for the year, and to consider any proposals which have been notified to the Secretary and appear in the notice of the meeting.

Proposed – 1.              Scrutinised     11.   Leave out


    iii.          Nominations for officers and members of the Committee, together with the names of proposers and seconders, must be supplied in writing to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting. The consent of the nominees must be obtained prior to submission. In the event of insufficient nominations being received prior to the meeting, nominations may be sought from the floor. If more names are proposed than the number required to fill the vacancies, and sufficient names are not withdrawn at or before the meeting, the election shall be by ballot.

Proposed – 1. May  11. By show of hands

b)     Special General Meetings



     ii.          The Secretary shall give at least 14 days written notice of such a meeting to every member, specifying the business to be transacted. Only members who are entitled to vote on any matter relating to FoTL business may be present.

Proposed  - remove


6          Finance



a)     An auditor, or auditors, shall be appointed to audit the accounts each year for presentation to the following Annual General Meeting. An officer or a Committee member may not be appointed as auditor.

Proposed – an end of year financial report will be prepared for the AGM each and scrutinized by a suitable person not connected with FoTL



10        Adoption of Constitution


a)     This Constitution was adopted on 8th June 2011

b)      This Constitution was amended on 27th April 2016










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