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Saturday, 20 August 2016

September to Christmas

At a committee meeting this week the following was decided.

On 22 Sept Lorna Smith, who was one of the Three Ladies who entertained us at the AGM will present a talk on Lorna Doone. The date is to be comfirned in the next week or so. I will email either way.

We are also looking to run a coach trip to Seaton sometime early in October, we are still waiting to hear from the coach company at this time. If interested please let the committee know.

In November there will be a film afternoon, Tea With Mussolini is the suggested film. Date as soon as we know.

December we are planing a Carol session on the 8th.

More details will be sent out as soon as the times and dates have been arranged.

David C Banks 

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  1. Please note; the date for the Lorna Doone talk has been changed due to a clash with other events at the library. It will now be on 27th September which is a Tuesday.